What is Homeshare?

Bishopston-Matters-advert-(2)Homeshare is a scheme designed to help older people and adults with disabilities to remain living in their own homes. A householder with a spare bedroom offers accommodation to a trustworthy adult, “the homesharer”, in return for ten hours per week of support with household tasks and companionship.

The support given is determined by what the householder wants –  help with cooking, cleaning, gardening, trips out, sharing a crossword puzzle, watching TV together, and so on.  Companionship is central to the Homeshare arrangement, with the householder also having the security of knowing someone will be in the home most nights.

Homesharers are responsible and capable adults of all ages who are working or studying, in need of low cost accommodation and have an interest in the welfare of others. They are selected carefully with a thorough interview and detailed references.  A DBS check (criminal record check) is carried out.

Both the householder and homesharer pay a monthly fee of £60 towards the running costs of Homeshare Bristol. The Homeshare Co-ordinator facilitates the match and the drawing up of an agreement, making regular contact during the early stages of the match; remaining on hand to offer support if and when needed.

The first month of the homeshare arrangement is a trial period, to make sure both householder and homesharer are happy together. We ask homesharers to commit to stay for at least six months.

Case study

Edna is in her mid-eighties. She is a widow with no children and has a nephew who visits once per fortnight. Following her husband’s death she was finding it very difficult living alone for the first time in 55 years. Her mobility is limited and after a fall she was nervous about going out on her own. Janet became Edna’s homesharer. She is 46, single and moved to Bristol having been living in a rural setting and wanting a change. Janet works in a hospital in an administrative role and has a small car. She was involved in the care of her grandfather who had dementia and has also done voluntary work with people who have a learning disability. Janet cooks and shares a meal with Edna 2-3 times per week. She and Edna regularly go out for a coffee together. Other trips have included the garden centre, the cinema, a musical, and a visit to a country house. Janet also does a little cleaning and shopping and other small practical tasks around the home when necessary.

For more information please visit http://www.homesharebristol.org.uk/ or call 0300 323 0700

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