St Andrews Local Raises Money for Water Project in India

DSC_0172-001A couple of years ago, Bishopston Matters featured local man Andy Persson’s seven day, seven marathon run down the Thames for charity, in which he raised money for a water project in the village of Dubhala in India.

This year Andy is at it again, only this time it’s the Severn and will be involve more than eight marathons in five days with the aim of raising money for the same project, the Montpelier-based charity Frank Water.

With the previous successful run under his belt, in which he raised over £6000, Andy starts this year’s run on 29th May. The reason for this exceptional run is to raise funds for the Montpelier-based charity Frank Water.  Frank is dedicated to providing access to much-needed clean drinking water for the world’s poorest communities.  The projects are community owned and run, with an emphasis on the project being sustainable well into the future.  Since 2005 they have funded 70 projects to date and have plans for many more.

If you would like to show your support and make Andy’s challenge worthwhile please visit his website for further information or to donate.  Bishopston Matters wish Andy the very best of luck!  

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