South West Adoption Agencies Highlight Urgent Need for Adopters for Siblings

Bristol City Council, Action for Children, Clifton Children’s Society and four other local authorities in the South West recently joined forces to celebrate National Adoption Week (3-9 November) with their open information event in Bridgwater entitled ‘We Belong Together’.

This year, National Adoption Week particularly highlighted the urgent need for adopters for siblings. Sibling relationships are usually the longest of our lives and for a child in care, staying with their sibling means a sense of permanence and security.  Siblings have a shared history, and maintaining their bond provides continuity of identity and belonging as well as giving children added resilience in their everyday lives and futures.

One young person in care says: “Being put with my sisters is great because if any of us are worried or upset, we can make each other feel better”.

49% of children waiting for adoption are part of a sibling group, the majority of these are sibling groups of two.  36% of adopters would consider taking a sibling group of two and only 3% would consider a group of three which means there is a gap between the number of adopters available to take siblings. This can mean delays in being placed in an adoptive family or that siblings are separated to increase their chances of finding a home.

Adopters who have adopted siblings quote the idea of having a ready-made family, only going through the adoption process once and believing passionately that brothers and sisters should not be split us, as their motivation to adopt siblings.

Brenda Massey, Assistant Mayor for Children and Young People’s Services says:

“Anyone can express an interest in becoming an adopter and research shows that many people rule themselves out needlessly – you don’t need to be in a couple or own your own home – whatever you have to offer,  Bristol City Council’s  adoption team would love to hear from you.”

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