Help with local families childcare needs from LIKEMYMUM

Like.“There has been a big jump in unemployment among older women age 50-64; in contrast unemployment among younger women went up.”

LIKEMYMUM ‘bucks the trend’ by recognising the importance of finding the ‘right’ person to help with a family’s childcare needs and recognise both the older and younger generation is popular with local families. The focus of the local childcare business called LIKEMYMUM is based on talking to local North Somerset parents and finding out what kind of childcare they want. A lot of families say that they want someone who has had either experience in childcare with other families/nurseries or experience of bringing up their own children. As a result, many over 50 year olds are going into a career in childcare with LIKEMYMUM after having spent most of their life looking after their own children.

In today’s, busy working society, LIKEMYMUM has recognised that help at home is becoming more and more necessary, especially if you have children at school that need taking and picking up. LIKEMYMUM was started by two working mums who needed support at home whilst they were at work and despite trying various childcare options found that the best support came from someone local who could look after the children in their own home.

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