Exciting exhibition at Hamilton House

Luke is a local Bristol artist born in 1978. He comes from a creative family where his mother, father and sister are all artist/crafts people. Luke studied for his foundation year at Bristol’s Queens Road School of Art and Design, then attended Norwich School of Art and Design for three years to study print and photo media.

Luke is showing a different side of the Bristol art scene. His work could be described as the result unwanted love child of Kandinsky and Philip K. Dick that learnt his artistic skills from 2000AD comics. Aiming to create not just an illustration on a wall but to produce work which is poetic and with a sense of the mystical or other worldliness, barely restrained under the constructed human world. Luke describes his work as, “Creating expressionistic City scapes likened to Debord’s Psychogeographic ‘Study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organised or not, on the emotions and behaviour of individuals.’ (Debord,1955). Abstract geometric tangents, emotional technical meanderings of grey constructs that are made beautiful.”

Experiments in spray paint and masking tape and marker pens imaginary abstracted building plans flash back’s of a light-weight acid casualty technical learning curve. Bored with graffiti. Design-like images taken out of their constraints. “

Luke is excited to be preparing for his first exhibition that will be held at neighbouring Hamilton House from April 6th to 20th 2012.

You can follow Luke on Twitter @LukeHaslehurst. Like him on Facebook or find him on Tumblr at www.lukehaslehurst.tumblr.com

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