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creative-bristol-logoCreative Bristol, a website that helps people find out about classes, clubs and events in art, craft and design in Bristol, is celebrating its first birthday in January 2014.

The website was set up in 2013 by local artist Sue Pickering as a way of passing on her growing knowledge of creative classes, courses and workshops being run across the city. Former university academic, Sue, studied for a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from 2008 to 2010 at Bristol School of Art on Queen’s Road. The Foundation course would normally be followed by a degree in art, but as Sue already has a degree and PhD in Psychology, and has two children who may wish to go to university in the next few years, She didn’t feel that doing an art degree was an option for her at the present time. Instead, Sue has spent the last few years trying to develop her own art work from her studio space at home. Attending classes and workshops has been an important part of this process, giving her access to new skills and techniques, and bringing her together with others who share her creative passions.

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After attending a number of different creative classes and events, Sue thought that it would be helpful to share her knowledge and experiences on a website, so that others could seek out information for themselves. So, Creative Bristol was born, and has been growing steadily over the year. The project is run as an unfunded community resource, and Sue combines her work on Creative Bristol with her own art projects, looking after her family, and working as a Front of House volunteer at Hamilton House on Stokes Croft.

The Creative Bristol website includes a directory of places where you can do classes and workshops, a list of shops that sell supplies for art, craft and design activities, plus information about where you can go and see work by other artists and makers, in shops, galleries, art trails and open studio events across Bristol and the surrounding area. There is also a Creative Bristol Facebook page and Twitter feed where information about art, craft and design in Bristol is shared daily. Around 1800 people follow Creative Bristol across the website, Facebook and Twitter and many creative organisations now contact Sue to ask her to publicise their events. Sue says that one of the most exciting parts of this venture has been meeting so many creative people in this amazing city. New projects are popping up all of the time and there is always something creative to do in Bristol.

To find out more about classes, clubs and events in art, craft and design visit the website Facebook page or Twitter @CreatBristol. If you are running an event in art, craft or design in Bristol, Sue would love to hear from you at: [email protected]

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