Celebrating Sour Dough September with Joe's Bakery


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As always Joe’s Bakery is working hard to ensure they bring their customers more. It was inspiring to sit down with owners Martin and Jane who shared news on their celebratory, baking plans for all to enjoy this September!

Sour Dough September – This is part of the national Real Bread campaign that is fighting for better bread in Britain. Martin explained to me that in essence sour dough contains just three ingredients – flour, water and salt, no additives or yeast. It is an authentic bread that’s key is a long fermentation process (36 hours at Joe’s). The extended fermentation means that sour dough is much easier to digest and for natural nutrients to be absorbed into the body.

Jane told me they get many people that come into their bakery stating they can’t eat bread; some have a genuine wheat intolerance and for others it is simply that their body has trouble digesting some breads. They always recommend sour dough to these customers. Jane likened it to the fact that if a dough is only left to ferment for an hour or so before baking, when it gets into the body the process could well continue, and lead to you feeling uncomfortable and bloated; this does not happen with sour dough.

New Sour Doughs to launch – A classic sour dough is strong in flavour and aroma and can take some getting used to. In response to customers asking for a lighter flavour, Martin has developed two new truly authentic sour doughs that promise to offer just this. You will be able to sample and buy Joe’s original and new, lighter sour doughs throughout September.

Sour Dough snacks & savouries – In celebration of this great bread there will also be a delicious range of sour dough sandwiches and savoury snacks available for you to enjoy, including a sour dough sandwich of the week!

Free Sour Dough Q & A with baker Martin – In response to the frequently asked questions from their customers, Martin is pleased to be offering his time in some free drop-in sessions. Bring your burning bread making questions to one of the following meetings at Joe’s:

  • Wednesday – 10, 17 September, 2 – 4 pm
  • Thursday – 4, 18, 25 September, 5 – 7 pm
  • Saturday – 20 September 10 am – 2 pm

Free sour dough starter/ferment will be available on request during these sessions.

Baking courses with Martin at 102 Cookery School –

The ‘Introduction to Bread Baking’ course continues to be very popular and the new ‘Joe’s Bakery 2 Day Masterclass’ was run successfully in July. Martin told me that the popularity of these monthly courses is wonderful, with some interested amateur bakers travelling from Manchester, Liverpool and London to learn more. Bookings are now being taken for the new Pastry Class in November in which Puff, Danish and Croissant will be the main features.

Craft Bakers Week – This celebratory week of amazing bakeries such as Joe’s, starts on September 29 2014. There will free samples and tasters. Martin is also looking to once again take his baking skills out to a local school or group to share his knowledge and passion for bread in a free workshop. These sessions are always well-received by local community groups.

Celebrating the baking of European Countries  – Over certain months of the year Joe’s Bakery plans to celebrate the baking of a country. This will kick off in October with Italy. Martin told me they will be bringing to the fore some of the lesser known, delicious Italian breads and confectionary. For one month only, delights such as Sardinian Flat breads, Maize and corn breads will be available. There will also be scrumptious accompanying sandwiches and savoury snacks – delizioso!

There is a lot to look forward to at Joe’s please do join your fantastic local bakery in their forthcoming celebrations.

Joe’s Bakery, 240-242 Gloucester Road

Bishopston, BS7 8NZ


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