Can you support the future of Bishopston Cotham & Redland Neighbourhood Partnership?

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As many of you know, Bristol Council is implementing massive cuts across the city. One of the consequences is that our local Neighbourhood Partnership will not be able to continue beyond 31 March. The Neighbourhood Partnership’s role was to devolve council power back to residents for very local issues like street scene, parks, trees and road safety. Small funds were granted to enable local groups to start up community projects such as Window Wanderland and the Living Room Project and the creation of the planters at Glos Rd Central, and public forums were held to discuss local issues and inform residents.

Councillors and representatives of the Neighbourhood Partnership have been discussing how this invaluable community work can continue. We wish to create a temporary steering group – probably to be known as BCR Community Partnership. We can then negotiate with the council for any resources or money available and attract starter funds to sustain a developing network of voluntary groups and social enterprises in our area. This group would also be in a good position to ensure the new Bishopston Library on Gloucester Road actually happens, or at least becomes a social asset for our community, and help the Redland library in developing its future.

We cannot do this on our own. We want to draw in as many people as we can so we are holding a Public Forum on 16 March, 7–9 pm at Claremont Hall, Redland Green school.

At this meeting, we want to find out about your vision for our area so that together we can shape a new organisation and take the next steps. Please join us!

You can read more about the invaluable work of the BCR Neighbourhood Partnership (and so what we stand to lose) lose) here:

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