Ashtanga Yoga Programme to begin in Bishopston

Yoga2 (1)Ashtanga is a tradition of yoga known for its physically challenging nature which creates a strong and healthy body and mind. On 1st September the first teacher in Bristol who is Authorised to teach Ashtanga begins a daily programme of classes in BS7.

Caroline Simpson is a local mum with children at Ashley Down (Brunel Field) and Clyde House day nursery. She has been studying with Sharath, the grandson of the late Shri K Pattabhi Jois and founder of Ashtanga yoga as we know it, since 2007.

With two early morning classes on Gloucester Road and three mid-morning classes at her home shala in Bishopston, the schedule suits those who need to practice before work and the post-school run or flexible working crowd.

Caroline explained: “Ashtanga is traditionally practiced in the morning as it is so energising. Many students initially ask for evening classes, but as soon as they attend an early morning session they don’t look back.

“Mysore-style practice means you go through the same sequence of poses each day, following the rate and pace of your own breath. When you are ready for the next posture the teacher is there to help you learn it. In this way Mysore-style Ashtanga provides each student with an individual yoga practice within a group setting.”

image001 (6)Over years of practice practitioners report improved concentration, an increase in discipline, improved cardiovascular function, better joint mobility and increased flexibility. Caroline added: “although a physically healthy body is great to have, the real gift of the Ashtanga practice for me has been an increase in stillness, and space between the thoughts, in my own mind.”

Caroline has practiced Ashtanga yoga daily for eight years and studies each year with Sharath in India When in London she studies under Hamish Hendry and has assisted him at his shala. She lives in Bishopston with her husband and two children and can be contacted on [email protected]

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