Work to begin on Gainsborough Pavilion Project in Lockleaze

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Work begins this month on an exciting new art commission in Lockleaze, to design and build a pavilion for Gainsborough Green through a collaboration between local young people, artists, architects, designers and engineers.

The project is conceived and delivered by muf architecture /art and will give local young people who are not in education, training or employment shared authorship of the design and building of a pavilion structure at Gainsborough Green.

The idea for a pavilion grew from conversations with local people around Bristol City Council’s proposed improvement works to Gainsborough Square and green. The young people will be part of a design team, working with artists, architects, a structural engineer and a graphic designer.  They will gain experience of team work, design and construction, and will understand what it takes to build something in the public realm, how the local community may want different things and how these aspirations have to be evaluated to inform the design of the pavilion. On completion of the project each young person will receive the highest Asdan credits (accreditation).

Councillor Simon Cook, Assistant Mayor with responsibility for leisure and tourism said: “This project will form an exciting part of the overall plan for the re-development and regeneration of Gainsborough Square. It will create a focal meeting point and help generate a sense of achievement and ownership among the young people who were actively involved in its development.

“It is a further illustration of the contribution that public art, with the support of Bristol City Council, is making to the life of communities across the city.”

Councillor Mark Bradshaw, Assistant Mayor with responsibility for regeneration said: “It is great to see things starting to happen as part of the Gainsborough Square regeneration scheme.  We’re working with several groups to design something which really best serves the community, and this new pavilion project is a great example of this inclusive, collaborative way of working with local people.  I look forward to seeing it develop as part of the council’s wider regeneration commitment in Lockleaze.”

The delivery of the project has four stages. The first stage is a design workshop at the Vench Play Site in Lockleaze to plan the design and construction of the temporary build. For the second stage the team will build a temporary structure at Gainsborough Square to explore the question “what does it take to create a host space as an invitation to someone you don’t yet know?” The build will use readily available materials including palettes and straw bales and will make a place for performing, play and debate.  The third stage of the project will progress the pavilion design through workshops and presentations to the local community by the design team. The project will culminate with the actual build of the pavilion, led by local artist Anton Goldenstein, and the installation as part of the wider improvements to Gainsborough Square and green.  The project will provide the local young people with a real outcome of their involvement on the design team which will stand as evidence of their newly acquired skills.

As part of the project, a launch event for the temporary pavilion will take place on Saturday 3 May to coincide with the ‘Bristol Art Weekender’ ( a city wide arts event which runs from the 2 – 5 May. There will be a program of free events at Gainsborough Square, beginning at 12 noon, including a community bake using a clay oven built by the design team (12 noon); an opportunity to build your own pavilion with the Lockleaze ‘Our Dream’ team and muf (12 noon); a program of live music, sports demonstration and community workout (2.00pm); and an introduction and guided tour of the pavilion with Q & A to gather ideas from the community to inform the next steps with the Lockleaze ‘Our Dream’ team with muf (4.00pm).

A key partner in the ‘Our Dream’ project is Learning Partnership West (LPW) who are committed to developing the potential of young people in Bristol through positive engagement activities and constructive routes to education and employment.  Learning Partnership West actively work with young people to re-engage their interest in society and empower them to make more positive choices in life.  They work with partner agencies with similar vision to encourage the facilitation of the most holistic, inclusive and fulfilling opportunities to young people. A core part of the ‘Our Dream’ project is the provision of an official Asdan accreditation for the young people involved, supporting the work of Learning Partnership West and BCC’s Economy, Enterprise and Inclusion team.

‘Our Dream Today, Your Dream Tomorrow’ is commissioned by Bristol City Council and is the first component of ‘Open Fold’, an area wide public art programme for Lockleaze devised by Paul O’Neill, and is part of the larger Lockleaze capital environmental improvement project Gainsborough Square. The project is funded using s106 (planning gain) monies secured by the Council from the development of the former Hewlett Packard site in Lockleaze. The project has been developed by Bristol City Council’s City Design Group and Economic Regeneration team’s specifically to create training initiatives for local young people.

Emma Martinez-Lamkowski, Lead Engagement Worker for Learning Partnership West said: “Lockleaze is an area of Bristol that has been isolated from social and economic development, however current initiates are making a positive impact on the area.  We feel it is important for the young people and their families not just to watch from the side-lines as developments unfold, but to be inspired to become involved and to really benefit from every experience open to them.”

April Retter, Employment and Skills Officer at Bristol City Council is excited about the project: “This project is a first for Bristol, using public art to give young people a chance to gain skills that will stand them in good stead in their future careers – and they will do this by making a positive contribution to their local area that they can be proud of in years to come.”

Councillor Sean Emmett, Bristol City Council Ward Member for Lockleaze said: “I am delighted that the improvement works to Gainsborough Square are finally getting under way after years of talking and waiting. I really hope that young people will want to play their part in helping to design and build an exciting pavilion structure for the middle of the Square”

Councillor Estella Tincknell, Bristol City Council Ward Member for Lockleaze added: “It is great to see this opportunity for young people to work with this arts project, which is in the heart of the Lockleaze community in Gainsborough Square. I believe it is really important that local people are closely involved in local development.”

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