Window Wanderland: Gracing the Streets of Bishopston in early 2015


Bishopston Matters is pleased to announce the exciting news that “Window Wanderland” will be gracing the streets of Bishopston early next year. Please read on to find out all about it.

What is ‘Window Wanderland’?

A brand new trail of displays and shows in the fronts of homes around Bishopston – on the theme ‘Our Magical World’.


5pm-8pm on Saturday 7th February 2015.

Who will make the displays and shows?

ANYONE!!! The invitation is to ALL residents of the Bishopston* ward to show their artistic side and create a display or show in the front of their home to be seen from the street or garden.

What kind of display can I do?

Anything you like – as long as it’s family friendly!!  A candle in the window, glowsticks in the garden, open your curtains and watch your favourite film, create a Lego scene in your lounge, make a shadow puppet theatre or perhaps something to challenge the next Turner prize – anything goes, remember there’s magic in the everyday. You could even lend your window to another artist if you don’t want to display.

Get in touch for ideas, we need people to come forward to make this happen, see and facebook (search ‘Window Wanderland’)

Why is it happening?

This event is an opportunity to light up the Winter with your imaginations. A good excuse to wrap up warm, go on a magical stroll and get to know your neighbours in a new way.

How much does it cost and will people come into my house?

The event is totally free and no one will come into your home unless you ask them to. You could even set up your own display and go out on the trail.

How do we get involved?

For more information or to get your home on the trail map, simply email Lucy at [email protected]


* The Bishopston Ward is north Bishopston, south Horfield and Ashley Down. Check the map on

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