Vets4Pets Bishopston wins Gold!

A local veterinary surgery is delighted to have been granted Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic status. Vets4Pets Bishopston is the first veterinary surgery in Bristol to be recognised with the award.

Vets4Pets in Bishopston have been recognised by participating in the International Society Feline Medicine (ISFM) programme based on the ISFM’s standards of cat well being within a veterinary clinic. Veterinary surgeon and surgery partner Tom Crippen says “We’re thrilled to be recognised by the ISFM as the first and only Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic in Bristol. It’s a great credit to our staff’s ability to understand the specific needs of cats.”

The surgery introduced many features to the premises that encouraged the status to be granted, including separate wards and waiting areas for cats and dogs.

“We understand that as territorial creatures, cats can become stressed the second they leave their home so they are at a major disadvantage by the time they come through our doors” continues Tom. “Therefore we feel it is our goal to make visits to see us as relaxed and stress-free as possible”.

Following the recognition from the ISFM, the surgery still continues to offer the best possible service for dogs too.

“Receiving this award for the ISFM doesn’t mean that we don’t love seeing all of our doggy clients” says Tom. “The separate waiting rooms benefit the dogs too as they can quite often be either scared or overexcited by visiting the vets as well as cats.”

Why not come and see for yourself? To book an appointment for your feline friend at Vets4Pets Bishopston, call 0117 942 4243 or pop in and speak to one of the team.

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