The Noise 2014 – 850 volunteers, 7840 hours and a sunny weekend in Bristol

Noise1The Noise team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who gave up their Bank Holiday weekend and got involved in The Noise 2014. It was great to see people from churches and groups from all over Bristol working together to show God’s love in a massive variety of practical ways. It has been a really positive time and made a huge difference to individuals and families, and communities. 

This year was the 13th year The Noise has happened in Bristol. Volunteers continued to build on the work that is happening all year round in North and East Bristol. 850 people volunteered over the three day weekend, giving close to 8000 hours of time.

Noise4Over a third of all Noise volunteers were a part of a Family Team or Youth Group Team. It’s very exciting to see the vision behind The Noise being caught and taken on by the next generation.

Over the 3 day weekend, more than 100 different Community Transformation Projects were completed. There were 7 Family Fun Afternoons and a Community BBQ, 5 different Senior Citizens events, 3 Football Coaching and Tournament sessions, and a free Family Photo session. It was also dry and sunny!!

It’s been great to hear so much positive feedback already.

Noise2“Can I just say what a wonderful team I had to work with on Saturday to paint playground markings and footprints at our nursery. The children have just come in this morning and the response to the playground markings has been incredible – they are so excited that a bear has left paw prints everywhere. It has lifted our outside area and is a great boost.” – Horfield Teacher

“Can’t believe what you guys from The Noise have done to my garden, I cried as it’s just like it was… thank you guys.” – Southmead Resident

“A massive thank you for clearing an overgrown alleyway in Horfield this weekend. It was a huge job and is such a blessing!” – Local Councillor

Noise6Today has been sooo fun, lots of muck and mess and helping out lots with the community. Shovelling manure was a highlight, but I enjoyed the gardening, litter picking and bramble-attacking! Lots of fun, can’t wait ’till next year.” – Noise Volunteer


The Noise team is looking forward to seeing what opportunities are opened up through the events of the weekend, and the relationships and links that were made, and how we can continue on throughout the year!

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