The Hairforce: Fighting Head Lice on National Bug Busting Day & Beyond

HairforceFriday 31st October is National Bug Busting Day, an NHS driven day all about creating a focal point for parents to check and/or clear their children of head lice and some schools are seeing this as an ideal opportunity to get their parents to really address this irritating problem.

50% of all 4–11 year olds get head lice and not only is this number rising but children aged over 11 and under children under 4 are joining them in significant numbers. Did you know we spend £30 million a year on head lice treatments in this country but 80% of them have been proven by a government research group not to work?

As reported in the Daily Mail in February 2014, health experts are claiming the rise in the popularity of the selfie is aiding the spread of lice in young people. Lice can not fly or jump but need head to head contact to spread the infestation (please click here to read more of this article).

Nit and head lice products create a false sense of security because government research has proved that 80% of the time they will be ineffective. If a parent thinks that the only thing they need to do is apply them, then more than likely their child will still be infested, and will pass that infestation on. The products will not clear an infestation. Combing with a good nit comb and in the right way is a far more effective approach.

If you are struggling to clear your child of nits and head lice there is a company in the area who professionally clear nit and head lice infestations for you. The Hairforce – Lice Assassins use revolutionary technology to clear in just 2 appointments, 7 days apart and work in an entirely natural way, without a chemical or product in sight and they guarantee what they do – and will save you a lot of money in product.

You can find out more about The Hairforce – Lice Assassins via the following ways:

Visiting the Hairforce website:
Phoning 07941 034 797
Emailing [email protected]

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