The Gurt Lush Choir present a Romany Journey

The Gurt Lush Choir present a Romany Journey on Saturday 6 July 2013, 7.30pm at the Colston Hall.

The soundtrack to love and despair, to camaraderie and genocide, Romany music is as warm as it is bleak.  It has gathered its influences from North India, across Asia and North Africa and throughout Europe.  From Ragas to Flamenco the music of the Romani people has changed every country and every person to be touched by it.  It is filled with passion, despair, laughter, lament and a wild feral energy that could awaken even a heart turned to stone.

Fresh from the huge success of February’s production of the Mikado, the Gurt Lush Choir together with St Mary Redcliffe All Star Orchestra and Mass Youth Choir and several very special guests aim to illustrate the last four centuries of the Romani people’s journey, from their roots as Rajasthan gypsies in Northern India through to the present day.

Amongst the very special guests performing this evening, the Gurt Lush Choir is proud to present Gypsy Stars – a Romany music and dance troupe originally from Poland but now living in London.  This group of family and friends has played together for several generations, with their skill as musicians and their traditions being passed down through the family.

Come and feel all that it is to be human!

Tickets available from the Colston Hall box office,

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