St Andrews composer and pianist launches new album

Following on from the article on Sam who is St Andrews born and bred that featured in Bishopston Matters we are pleased to bring you news of the release of his latest album. Towards the Centre of Everything is released on Monday 29th April 2013 on Whirlwind Recordings.

Composer and pianist Sam Crowe studied classical music at an early age and was immerse in Bristol’s vibrant trip-hop and drum & bass scene before studying Jazz at Trinity College of Music in 2006. Since then Sam has performed and recorded with some of the most highly regarded jazz musicians in the UK and US including Will Vinson, Mark Guiliana, Alan Hampton, Jasper Hoiby, Jonathon Kreisberg, Gretchen Parlato, Julian Siegel, Phil Robson and Phil Donkin to name a few.

As a bandleader Crowe has been widely recognized as an exciting new arrival on the UK jazz scene with his critically acclaimed debut album, Synaesthesia in 2010. Crowe has also composed music for films including productions starring Oscar winners Forrest Whittaker and Harvey Keitel and upcoming stars such as Clémence Poésy and Rupert Friend. He has also scored films including Rupert Friend’s short, Steve starring Colin Firth and Keira Knightley.

Crowe’s second album, Towards the Centre of Everything, features eight new original compositions and a rehash of a piece from the first album, recorded in New York with some of the most talked about young musicians in jazz: Mark Guiliana (Avishai Cohen, Brad Mehldau), Will Vinson (Rufus Wainwright, Gonzalo Rubalcaba), Alan Hampton (Robert Glasper, Gretchen Parlato), Adam Waldmann (Kairos 4tet) and Will Davies.

The music is a genre bending mix of Crowe’s musical influences and although doesn’t attempt to conform to any traditional concepts of what has become known as ‘jazz’, loses none of the depth and spontaneity. With this music, Crowe offers a musical metaphor on how the human species could function in this universe.

“The compositions are micro-universes with their own parameters such as the chords and the tempo, but within them, there is the opportunity for other perspectives and expression of the individual, which is only made possible by the constant awareness of each individual’s intrinsic relationship to the whole. The group is ‘creating’ the universe. The music is about many different things but the overriding themes and the album title is more about expanding our consciousness and awareness of our place as a species in the universe. I believe humans are the consciousness of the Earth itself. When we realise that greed, war, money and the destruction of the environment all stem from our obsession with our own egos and our preoccupation with the things that separate us from nature and other people; then we will realise that we have the potential to evolve and fulfil our huge potential. I have attempted to exploit the incredibly unique ‘sounds’ of the individuals on this recording to emphasise the different musical influences we’ve all had, whilst also attempting to create a sound world that expresses my feelings about the world. Hopefully this comes across infused with a sense of hope and beauty.” Sam Crowe 2013

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