Second of Bristol's Make Sundays Special

The second of five monthly ‘Make Sundays Special’ days is set to take place this Sunday, July 21.

And thanks to the success of Bristol’s first Make Sunday Special and the huge national attention, the city council and its partners are confident the mayor’s initiative to open up city-centre streets to pedestrians and cyclists will be even bigger and better second time around.

All Make Sundays Special activities run from 11am to 4pm.

Street performers, musicians, sports clubs and children’s play groups and businesses are all invited to come along to entertain passers-by, encourage folks to join in and create an inclusive, fun and vibrant atmosphere in Castle Park, Corn Street, Baldwin Street and the area around St Nicholas Market.

Once again visitors will find local producers, bakers, independent traders and makers selling a variety of freshly-prepared foods and unique gifts on market stalls.

City cafes, restaurants and bars will be open to welcome people who want to take time out and enjoy al-fresco dining and watch the world go by.

“I’m greatly looking forward to the second Make Sundays Special,” says Bristol’s mayor, George Ferguson. “I want people in the city and surrounding areas to feel that this is their opportunity to roam, to explore and to discover the city on foot or by bike.

“It was great to see families with their children and pets sitting on sofas in the middle of Baldwin Street – just relaxing and chatting together. And local businesses too benefited from the extra footfall, with many visitors telling us they had come along to shop and enjoy a meal with friends.

“For some people, the opening of city centre roads one day a month to pedestrians and cyclists only is still a radical thing to do. I’m sure that with time, people will come to see this as ‘the norm’ and their Sunday stroll in the city will become an enjoyable part of their monthly calendar of things to do.”

Joe Wheatcroft of Source in Exchange Avenue, added: “The first Make Sundays Special was for many city centre independent traders, like us- a massive success. The atmosphere was great and there was brisk trade throughout the day. I’m sure the local economy got a real boost in both Bristol Pounds and Pounds Sterling. We’re gearing up for the second Make Sundays Special and look forward to welcoming Sunday visitors again.”

New for Sunday, July 21: Bristol City Korfball Club, West Country Boxing, Can-Can dancers, taster sessions with the Bristol Shakespeare Festival, a gypsy jazz band, swing dance tryouts, bowls, ping-pong, a young people’s choir and a rock choir.

July’s Make Sundays Special coincides with the Bristol Cycle Festival. Visitors to Castle Park will find a whole host of cycling-themed activities and anyone arriving by bike is invited to take part in the Carnivelo, the UK’s only cycle carnival. Carnivelo includes turning your bike into a carnival float, wearing incredible fancy dress costume, or just joining in the fun. Carnivelo starts at 12noonat Creative Common and there’s an easy two-mile traffic-free loop round the city centre, so you can show off your best fancy dress. Visit

And once again, Firstwill offer a special discounted family First Day ticket from £8 to £5. First’s special £5 offer will allow five people, with a maximum of two adults, to enjoy unlimited travel throughout Bristol zones 1 and 2 on any of the car-free Sundays.

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