Redland High Students Join David Cameron at Bristol Vote Remain Event

cameronYesterday morning Prime Minister David Cameron was joined in Bristol by former PM John Major and Labour MP Harriet Harmon to urge voters to remain in the European Union (EU) ahead of today’s referendum.

The Prime Minister beseeched the crowd to, “Please give it everything you’ve got in these last hours. Go out and vote Remain for a bigger and better Britain.”

Amongst the crowd were four pupils from Redland High School in Bristol, Ellie Barrett-Rees, Harri Stagg and Lucy Mercer from Year 13 and Rhea Warner from Year 12. Between them their political persuasions are largely Liberal Democrat or Labour but they are very much united in their fierce conviction that remaining in the EU is the right thing to do. 

Ellie, who studies Government and Politics and on Monday will be starting work experience at the House of Lords is a very strong advocate for Vote Remain. However, in order to get a balanced view she has also gone to Vote Leave rallies over the past few weeks. “I saw Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and Nigel Farage speak in Bristol this May but I heard nothing to persuade me to change my mind. I asked them what would happen to the Erasmus exchange program that allows pupils to study in Europe if we left the EU and I received a very non-committal answer which was disappointing.”

Yesterday had much more substance to it according to Ellie. “Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees introduced the speakers and then we heard from John Major, Harriet Harmon and David Cameron who all shared very convincing arguments. They were brilliant and my friends and I will all be voting to Remain in the EU.”

At Redland High all girls are encouraged to explore political opinions and form views based on research and understanding. Ellie says: “We talk about politics a lot and we support a variety of different political parties but this has united us. We see this as a highly important decision and I believe everyone in Year 13 has registered to vote”.

Ellie and her friends will be texting and calling everyone they know today to make sure that nobody forgets to get to their polling station and they have a message for the people of Bristol: “This is a massive day in our country’s history so please be sure to use your vote!”

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