Play examines London bombings & asks where were you in 2005?

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For six days in July 2005, London seemed to be the centre of the world. Almost a decade on, Kelvin Players take a look at how ordinary peoples lives were affected by the events that took place.

Set against the backdrop of a heat wave in the capital, Simon Stephens’ powerful and uncompromising play “Pornography” looks at how people were touched by Live 8, the London 2012 Olympic bid and the London bombings in a tumultuous week for Britain and the world.

The play explores the disconnection and objectification of the modern urban environment, and Pornography was the first play to confront the terrorist attacks on London on 07/07/2005.

Kelvin - Pornography-1353It features several seemingly unconnected scenes set across the capital, all touched by the events of those few days.

A brother and sister confront illicit feelings for one another. A lonely widow tries to make sense of modernity. An academic meets a former student by chance. An angry schoolboy becomes besotted with his teacher. A working mother takes revenge on her boss. A young man boards a train to London with single-minded resolve.

Director Josh Cooper, said:

“Where were you is the question we’re asking, because for most of us these events played a significant part of our recent history. Pornography tackles very recent events and very modern issues.

All of those characters featured are searching for a connection in an urban environment – a subject that’s as relevant today in a transient city like Bristol as it was in London nine years ago. This is a must see for anyone searching for their own connection. Each character in the play in turn goes on to make some sort of transgression, and this shows the complexity of human and social relationships in the modern city.”

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The author Simon Stephens has gone on to great success with his adaptation of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time, but this earlier text reveals a far more experimental and creative writing style, and is a must for anyone looking for a thought-provoking evening.

Bristol theatre group the Kelvin Players will be presenting this powerful and challenging play from Tuesday 8 to Saturday 12 July 2014 from 7.30pm. Tickets are £8 on the Tuesday night, and £10 on Wednesday through to Saturday.

To book online visit:

Alternatively you can call the Kelvin booking line on 0117 959 3636.

For more information about Kelvin Players or the play, or if you would like further images, or to organise an interview or complimentary tickets to review the play, please contact Kelvin Players Communications and Publicity Manager, Mat Rees on 07957593155 or email: [email protected]


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