New Self Injury Support Helpline for Women launched by South West Charity

final logo with wording (1)Self Injury Support (formerly Bristol Crisis Service for Women) has launched a ground breaking helpline for women affected by self injury. It is the only self injury and self-harm specific helpline to be offered on a UK-wide basis.

The service offers emotional support, space to talk and signposting to other information and services and is run entirely by specially trained female volunteers from the Bristol area.

Self-harm rates in the UK are among some of the highest in Europe and it is estimated that up to 400 people per 100,000 have used self-harm . There are many reasons why people use self-harm, but issues which often affect women, such as sexual violence , domestic abuse and mental health issues , can mean women are especially vulnerable.

Naomi Salisbury, Helpline Co-ordinator says, “We know that self injury and self-harm can be difficult issues to talk about and we want to provide a supportive and confidential space where women can say what they need to say without fearing judgement.”

Self Injury Support was set up almost 30 years ago, as Bristol Crisis Service for Women, by women affected by self injury to provide a supportive and non-judgemental service at a time when self injury was even more misunderstood and stigmatised than it can be today. Since then the organisation has offered support, training and information around self injury and carried out numerous research projects with people who use self injury.

The helpline is currently open on two days a week, with plans to increase the hours and to begin offering a UK-wide service by late October 2014. Self Injury Support also run a text and email support service for girls and young women up to the age of 25 and offer training and information sessions to support agencies, schools and other interested groups.

Women’s Self Injury Helpline: 0808 800 8088 Wed 7-9pm Thurs 3-5pm

TESS text and email support: 0780 047 2908 Mon – Fri 7-9pm

Online Support Tools:


All services are run by specially trained female staff and volunteers.

Self injury Support is a registered charity number: 1092299

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