New Fancy Dress Shop opens in Gloucester Road area!

New Fancy Dress Shop opens in Gloucester Road area after securing start up loan through Government backed School For Start-ups Scheme.

At a time when retail is struggling, and young entrepreneurs are being encouraged to help grow the economy with government schemes,  Fran Gore has secured a loan from Government-backed start up business finance ‘School For Startups’ launcher programme to launch a new Fancy Dress business in Bristol’s thriving Gloucester Road area.

Working with her Grandmother, Jo Lindsay, who has made costumes for Pinewood Studios, Glyndebourne Opera House and the BBC, Fran and her partner Simon Minifie aim to continue a family legacy keeping the costume business alive in the family.

Fran said: “Fancy Dress has always been a huge part of my life, growing up with a Grandmother like mine! Whatever character we’ve wanted to pretend to be, just a few hours later we had the outfit to match. It’s been so much fun over the years, and turning it into a business is even better. Working with my Grandmother has been really special. It’s brought us closer together, and she’s amazing. She’s had a number of fancy dress shops over the years, so it’s like carrying on a family business, and she’s just as excited as I am to see it all happening again!”

Most of the hire costumes are being made by Jo, an experienced costumier of 50 years who’s worked on a huge number of films, TV projects and theatre productions. Aged 75, Jo can’t stand not working. “I think it’s important to keep active” Says Jo. “I’ve always worked and I’d get bored if I didn’t. I also think it’s important to keep your mind active as you get older. I just want to keep doing what I love. And nothing gives me more pleasure than my family – and being able to help my granddaughter set up a business by doing what I love is even better”.

With an experienced costumier so heavily involved in the business, Fancy Dress Fanatics will provide really high quality costumes, which will really set the wearer apart at their event. Customers can also make any special requests for costumes they don’t have in stock.

Miss Gore added: “When I conducted a survey, more than half of under-35s throw outfits together by buying bits from high street stores, sometimes spending up to £30, which is more than hiring would cost.

“It is a crazy waste when you can hire a high quality, striking outfit which won’t have to be taken down to a charity shop months later, and won’t be the same outfit that everyone else is wearing.

“We stock fun gear and period costumes and the bespoke outfits will bring individuality to your event.

“And if a costume isn’t stocked, we could make it – talk to us and we will see what we can do.”

Fancy Dress Fanatics will also stock the usual wigs, hats and accessories, as well as the more disposable packet costumes, although what they will really focus on is having special costumes for hire at a reasonable price.

Fancy Dress Fanatics is now open to the public, under the arches at the bottom of Gloucester Road, at 212 Cheltenham Road, Bristol. Do go in and see them soon!

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