Fairfield High School celebrates GCSE success across a broad range of subjects

FaifieldFAIRFIELD High School is celebrating GCSE success across a broad range of subjects. Performance was exceptional in Maths this year with two thirds of students gaining C grades or above. The entire year group took the English Literature exam and 69 per cent achieved passes at A*-C. Nearly half the students sat at least one language exam and the school notched up excellent pass rates of 100 per cent in German and Arabic and 97 per cent in French. All languages saw at least 80 per cent success. Humanities and arts were also strong, with pass rates of 80 per cent for geography and sociology, 80 per cent for art and design and 96 per cent for drama. Physics students achieved a 100 per cent pass rate.

The school was pleased to maintain its rising good results over recent years and to keep up its record of adding value for students over their five years at Fairfield. Provisional figures show around 70 per cent of students achieving at least five A*-C passes, with a high number of A* and A grades recorded. Among the high performers were the head girl, Niamh Hunt, who achieved six A*s, two As, a B and a distinction and Ethan Kendall, who gained four A*s, three As, two Bs and a merit.

Catriona Mangham, Head teacher said: “I am incredibly proud that all the hard work that students and staff have put in over the past five years has paid off with these fantastic results across the board. All our students achieved at least one GCSE A*-C and with nearly half attaining one at A* or A shows that FHS is once again challenging its students to achieve the very best they can!”

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