DCMS uphold EH's decision not to list Memorial Ground: A Reader's Letter

Today Bishopston Matters is pleased to feature a letter from reader Jamie Carstairs regarding the Department of Culture, Media & Sport upholding English Heritage’s decision not to list the Memorial Ground.

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It is disappointing but not surprising that the DCMS have upheld the decision by English Heritage not to list the Memorial Ground.

It is regrettable that English Heritage, along with the Bristol City Council and the mayor, have failed in their duty to protect and enhance the city’s most significant, most inspiring and most poignant war memorial. This important heritage asset should be celebrated.

It is ironic that in the centenary years of the Great War, Bristol’s largest war memorial is to be demolished. Sainsbury’s and the directors of Bristol Rovers FC are to blame for bringing this lasting shame to Bristol. Shame is bad karma – and a bad conscience is bad for sport.

Desecration is now on the shopping list. Bristol’s great tribute to the soldier sportsmen who played the Greater Game is sold down the river. The trenches of the Western Front are to be memorialised as chilled food aisles. Will the tills fall silent on Remembrance Day?

Reminder to Sainsbury’s: The Memorial Ground is still a war memorial, always will be. The place will also always be a sports ground, whatever is built on the Ground (see restrictive covenants).

Jamie Carstairs



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