Business Feature – Achievable Dream Kitchens from The Green Kitchen Company

Green3Today Bishopston Matters features an article from The Green Kitchen Company, a local company renowned for fantastic kitchens at affordable prices.

The article describes how Lee Gibbard, the man behind the The Green Kitchen Co, helps local people to achieve their dream kitchen for a fraction of the price that it would cost to buy a brand new one, as well as offering some top tips for readers looking to revamp their kitchens. 

The recent recession has meant that we have all had to reevaluate our lifestyles and choices, from switching to discount supermarkets, changing energy suppliers, using price comparison websites and online discount sites – we are all much more cost conscious than ever before.

Green1The same can be said for home improvement, with many of us now choosing to do it ourselves. However when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms it seems that you only really have two choices – stick with what you have or pay thousands of pounds for a brand new suite, that’s not to mention the extortionate fitting costs, due to specialist skills (such as plumbing and carpentry) or equipment required. However, after fitting kitchens for a number of years, Lee Gibbard felt that many customers could have their dream kitchen for a fraction of the price by making key changes and reusing elements of their existing kitchen – this is how he came up the idea for The Green Kitchen Co.

Green2“I felt that there was a gap for people that either couldn’t afford or didn’t need a brand new kitchen or bathroom that wasn’t catered for by the large DIY stores.

“Since starting up the business we’ve seen a wide range of customers, all with different needs. Landlords looking to refresh their homes before new tenants move in, new home buyers that didn’t like the look or layout of their kitchens, as well as a customer looking to start up a catering business from their home and needing a new kitchen layout to run their company effectively.

“Everyone has slightly different requirements and because we visit each home and asses each individual’s requirements, we are able to ensure that the solution is right for them. Whether it’s sorting out problem areas, coming up with space saving ideas or adding your own personal touches – for example many of our customers have Victorian houses with tapering walls or odd nooks and crannies that the large stores simply can’t cater for. We can provide 1to1 consultation to find the best solution to these types of problems.

“By purposely choosing not to actually sell the kitchens by owning a shop or warehouse, we are not limited to offering the customer only what we have in stock. Instead we use other resources such as the internet which makes the world our warehouse.

Green4Gibbard adds “What’s more, you have the added advantage that if you get tired of it in the future you can change the look again as it hasn’t cost you £1000’s of pounds in the first place and you’re not stuck with an expensive out of date kitchen that you are still paying for.”

The Green Kitchen Co. offers their kitchen revamp top tips:

Replacing Worktops – is the most cost effective way of changing the look of your kitchen with minimal outlay and it also gives your sink an instant lift.

Keeping your Existing Carcasses – the sink carcass may need replacing but nine times out of ten the rest will be fine with a bit of elbow grease. By keeping the carcasses this reduces much of the fitting time and therefore cost as the basic structure remains in place.

Changing the Doors – can give your kitchen a whole new look, from sleek white gloss – a trend that appears to be here to stay, to classic rustic country kitchen – this can all be achieved by simply replacing doors.

Finishing Touches – changing your taps can really give your sink a new lease of life and can provide a real key feature, as well as replacing door handles – to stay en trend this year there will be a shift toward warmer metal tones such as brass and copper, edging away from the brash, stainless steel and chrome colder metals.

Using Natural Material – exposed beams, brick veneer (or even brick if possible) can create a natural, rustic look and provide a great finish to any kitchen

One Man’s Rubbish is Another Man’s Treasure – selling your old doors and work tops (Gum tree is great for this) is a fantastic way to fund your project, or offering items free to collector is a great way to avoid skip hire charges.

To find out more or arrange a free consultation about revamping your kitchen contact Lee Gibbard on 0800 772 0282.

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