Bristol Pound launches Tourist Map to bring visitors & traders together

TouristMapWhen in Bristol, do as the Bristolians do!

Bristol Pound recently launched the Bristol Pound Tourist Map. This free pocket-sized map aims to show summer visitors some of the best independent businesses the city has to offer. Highlighting and supporting the ‘independence, rich culture and community spirit’ of Bristol, it encourages tourists to use our unique local currency to discover the real Bristol.

Designed by EatCake Design, the map shows over 100 businesses in the Old City and Harbourside that accept the Bristol Pound, directing visitors to the small businesses the locals know and love. Visitors can pick up the map from any of these businesses for free and start sniffing out great local traders immediately!

Bristol reaps huge economic benefits from both domestic and international tourism:

It was found by Great British Tourist Survey to be Britain’s fourth most visited city.

Bristol attracted nearly 2 million domestic visitors in 2013, who spent a total of £339 million in the city. Relative to the city’s size, this is a far greater spend than Manchester or Birmingham.

Even more are expected for Bristol’s Green Capital year in 2015, bringing exciting opportunities for local businesses.

Bristol’s independent ethos is undoubtedly one of the greatest draws for tourists. Clare McNulty, a weekend visitor to Bristol, said: ‘Unlike other towns and cities whose high streets are interchangeable and unwelcoming, Bristol delights visitors with lots of unique local businesses and a genuine West Country friendliness.’ Eva Stuetzenberger, Retail Sector Development Manager at Destination Bristol, echoed this sentiment: ‘Bristol is a place where the wares are as varied as the customers, where the food is locally sourced and not replicated in hundreds of identical outlets across the country, and where the shop keepers spend time to listen and talk to their customers.’

Although the Tourist Map primarily seeks to bring visitors into contact with this unique and wonderful business culture, it is not only the visitors who benefit. By following the map to some wonderful Bristol Pound businesses, visitors’ money can continue to have a positive impact in the city long after they’ve headed home. Katie Finnegan-Clarke, Communications manager at Bristol Pound, said: ‘Visitors love the Bristol Pound as a quirky Bristolian souvenir, but in spending it they’re actually doing a great thing for the city. This map will help bring visitors together with traders that we know they’ll love, whilst giving a huge boost to those local businesses that help make our city so special.’

Visitors can collect the free Tourist Map from dozens of participating businesses, or from the Bristol Tourist Information Centre. With seven new Bristol Pound cashpoints opened in recent weeks, it is now easier than ever before for visitors to explore the many directions the map could take them in.

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