Bristol Green Doors Open Homes Weekend: 13th & 14th September

Twenty energy smart homes across Bristol will be opening their doors to the public on 13-14th September for Bristol Green Doors Open Homes Weekend 2014 to share their top tips and know-how on how to save energy and make homes more comfortable and cheaper to heat.

Full details of all the properties taking part are now available online and this year visitors will also be able to plan their visits with help from the Bristol Green Doors app.

Visitors will have chance to see:

  • a range of low cost improvements;
  • whole house retrofits that have cut energy use by 70% or more
  • external wall insulation, including the terrace insulated for Bristol Green Doors
  • award-winning, low energy new builds
  • the latest technologies – including solar photovoltaic thermal panel and top of the range LED lighting displays

Bristol Green Doors director Dan Weisselberg said:

“Bristol Green Doors Open Homes Weekend is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about how you can make your own home energy smart, as well as more comfortable to live in and cheaper to heat. More and more people across the city are discovering the benefits of tackling their energy use – and we are delighted that so many of them are willing to share their experiences.” 

More than 100 homes across Bristol have now taken part in Bristol Green Doors, which this year is joining up with Bristol’s Doors Open Day on 13th September when some of the city’s architectural treasures will also be opening their doors to the public [3]. The event is also part of Community Energy Fortnight which runs from the 13-28th September 2014 [4].

This year’s event will feature a range of period properties and new builds, including three properties that have achieved ‘SuperHome’ status [5], a refurbished student rental with internal wall insulation and MVHR (mechanical ventilation and heat recovery), and an award-winning new build featuring a ground source heat pump.

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