Bishopston Matters is pleased to support the Gloucester Road Story Trail

Paula Brown

Organiser and local resident Paula Brown tells us all about this exciting forthcoming event below.

Many years ago my husband and I moved to Horfield from Newcastle. Knowing no one but armed with an A-Z we began to discover the city, piecing the various parts together to make it home. We came to fall in love with the Gloucester Road with it’s amazing range of independent shops run by interesting, down-to-earth characters. My kids in particular love the game “name a thing you can’t buy on Gloucester Road”!

Through a series of twists and turns, I became a storyteller, working in schools, nurseries, festivals and children’s parties and running an open mike night at La Ruca on the Gloucester Road. I became fascinated with the idea that objects and places held or could attract stories.

Inspired by a photographic exhibition of Gloucester Road business owners in the Golden Lion some years ago and by the arts trails I came up with the idea of the Gloucester Road Story Trail: a series of stories connected to, and displayed in, shops down the Gloucester Road. Various local writers, authors and storytellers, adults and children alike, would recreate traditional tales or invent new ones with a link with each shop, alongside a short biography of the writer and a mini interview with the shopkeeper. The stories can be downloaded and made into a collection of stories at home.

The Story Trail runs for a month, starting on January 26th 2013, to coincide with the start of the Bristol Storytelling Festival which I co-direct. Fliers will appear in shops with the full trail so you can check them off as you find them all and there will be a family story session on Friday 1st February at Bubalu from 4.15 – 5.15pm with food and drinks available.

Look out for the trail in January. For more information about storytelling, the Bristol Story Cafe or to go on a mailing list, email Paula Brown at [email protected]

Bishopston Matters is pleased to be sponsoring this community event.

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