Bishopston Forum Review by Clive Stevens

Chair Clive Stevens kindly shares with us his notes taken from the recent Bishopston Forum on Thursday 29th Sept 2011.

The key priorities for the area:

  1. Lower vehicle speeds. The results of 20 mph trials in other areas were revealed (ave. speeds down 1mph, peak speeds down lots, increase in cycling and walking – up 12%, accidents down but not statistically significant yet).  Note 80% chance of survival if hit at 20mph and 80% chance of death if hit at 30mph. Additionally we are setting up a Community Speed Watch and so are looking for volunteers to be trained to use a speedgun. Photo then sent to the police who write to the car owner. 
  2. Safe Cycling; one resident mentioned he had been threatened as he asked people not to cycle down the Gloucester Road, Police are now targeting key locations.
  3. Problems with Anti-Social Behaviour and drug taking on Horfield Common (Ardagh area), also discussion about investment in local parks (Area Green Space Plan and all that – whats happened? It’s been delayed due to loss of majority on Council).
  4. Amazingly parking (lack of) was not discussed at this meeting although resident parking zones is on the Agenda at the Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting on 24th October (7 – 9) at Cotham School Post 16 Centre, 30 Cotham Park.

Other issues: Council Services – problems getting the “complaint” logged.

Specific problems have been written up but are not onthe council website yet.

Trees for front gardens

The value of trees in cities is now proven both for public health, pollution control and mitigation of climate change. Yet there is only so much the Council can do with a limited budget and limited land. Therefore the Neighbourhood Partnership has some matched funding (from people and charities) to promote trees in front gardens – small ones since most front gardens are small.

This was piloted last year and so following that trial, the BCR Neighbourhood Partnership is continuing the programme to encourage front garden tree planting (where appropriate). So for just £5 you can have a tree (and stakes) brought to your area plus a garden suitability check by the Forest of Avon Trust. For an application form, email or telephone 0117 9036825 for an application form which must be in and with your cheque for a fiver by November 30th2o11. 

New street trees

If you would like a new street tree and you, your neighbours and local businesses will help contribute, then contact Clive Stevens.

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