Bishopston family share their experiences with adoption during National Adoption Week

CCS Adoption has been finding homes for children since 1904, however the need now is greater than ever before, with a record number of children waiting including very young children.

During and after National Adoption Week 2013 (4-10 November) CCS Adoption – your local child adoption agency – is asking more people not to rule themselves out and consider adopting children who are in need of a loving, secure family.

Jadwiga Ball, CCS CEO, said:

“There are still a lot of myths surrounding adoption and who can adopt, and we hope that during National Adoption Week we can get the message out to people that if you are over 21, patient, and dedicated to offering a child lifelong love and support, then please get in contact with us.”

Some children are likely to wait longer than others, these include:

  1. Older children who generally wait longer to be adopted; at six years old the average time between entry into care and adoption is 3.11 years.
  2. Black, minority ethnic (BME) and dual heritage children who are over represented in the care system. Even though 22% of children in the care system are BME only 15% of children who were adopted came from these backgrounds.
  3. Brother and sister groups of all ages and ethnicities.
  4. Children with learning difficulties or who are disabled.

Recently one of CCS’s adopted girls (Hermione aged 10 – aged 6 when adopted) shared her thoughts on adoption and what it means to her and her sisters who were all adopted together:

“Mummy has told me that people think that they are too old to adopt or that they maybe think that they can’t or aren’t allowed to adopt but they can and it would be really good if more people could adopt a child or children because it would make a huge difference.  It has made a very big difference to my life and to and my sisters’ lives.  I feel really strongly about children being adopted because it makes a huge amount of difference to the child and to the grown up that looks after them.”

How does an adoption journey start? Hermione’s Mum Rebecca, explained:

“The approval process for adoption was an unexpectedly positive experience. We had a good relationship with our CCS adoption worker who was very respectful of our families and lives but it gave us a chance to reflect on how we have been shaped by our circumstances and experiences and how this could influence our parenting. The process took just under a year but there was so much to absorb and reflect upon that this felt like the right amount of time to give to such an important decision – we wanted to be as prepared as we possibly could be prior to adoption. ”

Alan Wood, Deputy Chief Executive at BAAF, said:

“The UK has one of the most open, liberal and supportive set of criteria for those interested in adopting a child. Adopters come from every sector of society, from 21 years up, from every income level, ethnic group, religious persuasion and sexual orientation.”

CCS has four Adoption Information Days coming up including one on the 9th November as part of National Adoption Week. These days offer a great chance to find out more about adoption and meet some of our adopters.

For more information about adoption visit or call 0117 9350005 and speak to Louisa about your interest in adoption

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