Art boards on the Gloucester Road

Chatsworth Homes have worked in collaboration with the City of Bristol College Art & Design Department, Sefton Park Junior School and Fairfield High School in the production of decorative display boards that will mask the building work taking place whilst the new library and flats are erected. Managing Director Kevin Batt told me they are pleased to get involved with the community and he hopes the production of the boards will add to the vibrant atmosphere of the Bishopston area. Please see reports from the three educational organisations below.

Nicky Jeffery, Senior Lecturer in Art and Design at City of Bristol College

The students involved in painting the boards are on the Extended Diploma for Art and Design, it is a two year course where students explore all areas of art and design from fashion to photography and everything in between. Our students are all aged between 16-19, we are based at the College Green site in the city centre.

The student that completed the first board
is Josh Burgess a second year, he is interested in illustration, graphics and font design. He decided to focus on the vibrant, colourful side of Bishopston, designing a quirky font. He also included the words ‘Fairtrade’ and ‘Local Goods’ because they were two phrases which he felt were really key to life in Bishopston.

The student who completed the second board is Karol Guzdek a first year, he is interested in graffiti, tagging and urban life. He used the sky line of the Bishopston area of Gloucester Road to inspire his board. Using the shops and other buildings that are now so familiar to the locals. He completed the whole board using spray cans and paint pens.

These students took up this opportunity alongside their other college work as a chance to work to a real live brief, to get some exposure and to add work to their portfolios.

The first picture (green and purple text) is Josh’s finished board and the second image is Karol working on part of his board.

Jane Kenney, Harriet Page D&T Teachers  and technician Jade Laing, Fairfield School

Y7 11/12 years old, students worked on the project all contributing a range of different skills to the project, around 35 students were involved. The students perception of Bishopston, was that it was a fun interesting place to live. With plenty of different things to do. They like the different buildings and the diverse nature of the different business within the district and that something is always happening and it is never dull or quiet.

Stacey Gabriel, Year 3 Children, Sefton Park Junior School

Children accross the Junior School (aged7-11) were given the opportunity to participate in the drop in club at lunchtimes. Approximately 18 children and I decided that they wanted to work in the style of street artists. In teams of approximately 6 they designed their stencils of different aspects of life in Bishopston.

The reason they decided to work with stencils and spray paint is because the children felt that Bishopston is quite a cool and vibrant place to live and that the style and use of colour reflects that in their work.

The boards are now in place next to the Old  North Bristol Baths building – we hope you enjoy them.

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