A Parent's letter of thanks to Fairfield High School

FINAL LOGO on ownBishopston Matters is pleased to share the following letter which is written by a local parent to Catriona Mangham, the head teacher of Fairfield High School. Fairfield High is a mixed-gender community school for 11 – 16 year olds which has been noted for its excellent progress in recent years.

Dear Ms Mangham ,

I am writing with praise for the high standard of teaching staff at Fairfield High School. My daughter has just left year 11 and has now enrolled at college to continue with 6th form education in A levels. I am sure that the support and encouragement from her teachers has helped her on her way massively.

The teachers at Fairfield really do care about the pupils and go above and beyond to make sure that they are all given the opportunity to accept additional support outside of the normal school working day. I have friends that comment on how lucky my daughter was to have a school that provides so much support outside of school time. After school, weekends and school holidays.

largeMy biggest thanks go to Claire Britton in the inclusion unit who went through some pretty difficult times with our daughter in the early days (especially about the radio aids) which I know Claire will remember well. Claire has been patient, never given up and always pushed her to realise her own potential. Claire along with Mr Barnes (SENCO) have always helped and supported me as a parent and addressed any concerns that I have had along with making sure that her educational needs were always met. Mrs Kirby and Miss Barnett also helped her immensely and both were like friends to her.

Mr Barrington-Crow has been fantastic at building her confidence and abilities in Maths. Teachers giving up their own time to help pupils achieve shows true dedication and genuine care. The same with Mr Otlet who called us at home on an evening to make sure that she was on track with her work and able to hand in on time. (Mr Otlet don’t apologise for calling, parents appreciate it).

Mr Minchin is a true inspiration and gave her some really helpful advice about college and university and how to succeed. He has a way of talking to the pupils that they seem to instantly connect with. It is so important that the pupils feel they have someone who is on their level.

I would also like to mention the pupils that I met on the presentation evening. What an absolute credit to the school. We were greeted at the gates and taken up to the school, offered the use of an umbrella and told to have a lovely evening. Once inside the school we met countless students all with huge smiles offering us beverages and just generally being really nice. It was a brilliant evening.

Ms Sannegadu, Ms Bridgewater, the mentioned above and all the teachers that helped her so much please accept my thanks for your hard work which I know will help her become successful in the future. Ms Mangham you are so lucky to have such a dedicated team, the school is a credit to you and I would be more than happy for you to share my comments with anyone considering Fairfield as their High School in the future.

Thank you all





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