Three weeks to Raise Money for Progressio Charity

Equality Collective

Natalie with friends

This summer Natalie Bennett will be going to Malawi to work as a group leader for a government funded project called ICS (International Citizen Service). The particular project she will be working on is with a charity called Progressio which tackles gender inequality and raises awareness about AIDs and HIV in lower income countries. As part of Natalie’s initiation into the project she has to raise £800 over the next three weeks! So far she has carried out several bake sales and organised two World Cup Sweepstakes. Her final push for fundraising will be on Monday 9th June where she will be carrying out a quiz at The Prince of Wales at 8p.m and on Friday 20th June where she will be showing Jim Henson’s 80s classic Labyrinth at the Cube followed by a raffle and a ‘Bowie Disco’! Natalie highly recommends Labyrinth fancy dress for this night as there will be a prize for the best costume!

To find out more about the night check out The Cube’s website: or contact Natalie: [email protected]. Alternatively if you would like to just donate to her page it can be found here:

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