Window Wanderland 2020

When you are gifted an extra day at the end of February, what better way to spend it than on a creative adventure around your neighbourhood – literally not knowing what delight you are going to discover as you round each bend.

Now in its sixth year, Bishopston (or rather Bishopston resident Lucy Reeve Khan) can be proud of creating such a wonderful event that is as much about people as creativity. What started in Bishopston has now spread across Great Britain and the world!

Established to brighten a long winter and to unite a community – Window Wanderland does just that.

As well as being dazzled by the wonders local residents produce year on year, my heart is always warmed and a smile spreads across my face when I encounter happy groups of people wandering the streets in delight, gasping and chattering as they experience the magic of the trail. Groups of children, armed with woolly hats and scarves run down the streets shrieking with delight, followed by happy, “wow disco lights”, “Oh wow, giant, singing birds, “that is so cool!”.

There is an innocence and charm to this event that is refreshing to experience in the current economic and political climate. Some homes chose to effectively reflect the urgency for climate change and the need for us to remember as a nation ‘to be kind’. But part of the joy of this art trail is that as well as delivering messages, if children would like to display their favourite cartoon characters or collection of toys, that is just as good, indeed, the fab Paw Patrol window image has been included for the delight of my two boys!

It is always great when you visit a street that has clearly collaborated; as well as producing a fabulous display, people have come together, worked together and had fun – what could be more brilliant!

As well as enjoying the windows that are obviously taking part in the event, I find myself looking more carefully at many other windows and noticing beautiful pieces of art or some gorgeous lighting, families sat together, stunning stain glass windows and cats jumping from wall to wall all become part of the magic, and I am reminded to live in the moment, come off of my phone and take in our surroundings; where we live is pretty special.

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