Too Much Unregulated Parking Is Too Much for Local Parents and Wheelchair Users

 We have been asked to feature the following press release from BISHOPSTON AND ST. ANDREWS TRAFFIC AND PARKING GROUP [BOSA]

Image thanks to Paul Bullivant

#PavementsR4Pedestrians – but often not in Bishopston, St Andrews and Ashley Down where traffic and parking is largely unregulated or, if it is regulated, the regulations are rarely enforced. The result is a daily, unsafe and unpleasant assault course for pedestrians and cyclists.

On 13 April, local residents demonstrated how inconsiderate vehicle storage on pavements, across corners and dropped kerbs can make daily life very difficult for people pushing buggies or navigating a wheelchair.

What is going on?
Particularly for those with mobility and sensory impairments and for those who use buggies and wheelchairs to get around, the pavements in Bishopston, St Andrews and Ashley Down are often inaccessible, unsafe and unwelcoming.

If police or council enforcement officers are asked to sanction drivers’ behaviour, local residents are told that the double yellow lines are too faded to enforce; it is possible to squeeze past vehicles stored on the pavement; staff resources are too low to enforce the regulations; and it is suggested to lobby the council to provide more double yellow lines, dropped kerbs and enforcement.

Residents have been in dialogue with councillors and Mayor Marvin Rees for five years – to no avail, despite a recent survey undertaken by council officers favouring action to regulate traffic and parking in the area.

What do we want?
The May elections for Mayor and Councillors give residents the opportunity to log how fed up they are with living in a largely unregulated vehicle storage zone. For some people inconsiderate parking makes the difference between getting out and being stuck at home.

‘Often with cars parked on pavements, I can’t squeeze past. To get around, I have to go into the road around the car. On busy, main roads this can be quite scary.’

Bristol City Council already has the powers to regulate traffic and parking on residential streets, and more powers are predicted. But will the next Mayor and councillors use these powers? We will be asking every Mayoral and council candidate in our local area, “If you are elected, will you commit to using these powers urgently in our area?”

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