Redland High raise money for diabetes charities

Emily handing over cheque to diabetes nurse

Redland High School pupil, 11 year old Emily Finnimore was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes just over a year ago. Emily’s mum also has diabetes and so has been able to support her by drawing from her own knowledge and experience of the illness. However, during Emily’s visits to the Bristol Children’s Hospital,  Emily heard about the Diabetes UK Family Support Weekends run thorough the Diabetes Paediatrics Unit and she immediately wanted to raise money to help those children who didn’t have the same support at home that she did. The weekends are for children with diabetes and their families – mums, dads, brothers, sisters and grandparents. The weekends help the families to understand diabetes and give them a chance to meet other families for friendship and support. Parents can go to discussion groups whilst their children enjoy some fun activities and trips out as well as attending sessions on understanding the illness from a young person’s perspective.

Together with her friends and fellow pupils at Redland High School for Girls, Emily set about raising money for the Diabetes UK Family Support Weekends. Students held lots of fundraising events including  a drawing competition and a competition to be Head for a day and within a very short time they had managed to raise over £1600.

But the girls at Redland High didn’t stop there and last week had a fundraising day dedicated to raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a charity formed to fund research to cure, treat and prevent type 1diabetes.

The day was a great success, the girls came in 1980s themed fancy dress, sold cakes at break time and generally put a lot of effort into raising money. They managed to raise nearly £700 for the diabetes charity.

Caroline Bateson, Headmistress, said:  ‘ we have girls at the School who have diabetes and so we have spent time explaining to the students what diabetes is so that they can understand what Emily and others like her have to deal with on a daily basis. The girls have been great and have thrown themselves completely into fundraising for these two diabetes charities.’

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