Profile: Jamesboy Records

Jamie Reid-Sinclair’s home-based Bristol business, Jamesboy Records, sells rare and collectible vinyl records. He has been trading since 2005

How did your business get started?

“I was working full-time, getting frustrated, and I kept thinking about how I might earn a living from something I was interested in.

“I discovered eBay in 2003 when I sold a few of my own unwanted records. All my life I’ve collected vinyl, played in bands and been crazy about music. I have a strong knowledge of the trends, cults and collectible genres in music, so it seemed to make sense to go into business buying and selling records.”

How do you find stock and what kind of records are you looking for?

“I advertise around Bristol in magazine’s like ‘Bishopston Matters’ and I circulate flyers door to door. I get calls from people with collections that range in size from half a dozen records to 4000 LP’s!

I am looking for collectible stuff from 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, The Beatles and 60’s groups through to Bowie, Pink Floyd, Led Zep and Punk in the 70’s. Then Indie groups such as Smiths, Oasis, Blur etc and other collectible genres like Reggae, Folk, Psychedelic and Progressive Rock. The records need to be in nice condition. Not necessarily mint but they need to be free of scratches and the sleeves need to be clean without writing or tears and major damage. I have seen some really rare records that have been scratched to bits with torn sleeves and they are rendered worthless because of this.”

Do sellers have to come to you, and how do you sell the collections once you’ve bought them?

“If someone contacts me with a collection that sounds promising then I always go out to their home to view it and will then make a cash offer if I am interested in buying. I have discovered that there is often an emotional attachment to vinyl, so some people find it hard to part with records even if they haven’t played them for 20 years! The way I see it is that I am giving the seller money and space in their house and then selling the records to someone whose actually going to play them! I sell mostly on-line but occasionally do a Record Fair, which is nice because I get to meet the buyers for a change!”

How do people get in touch with you?

It’s always a good idea to have a list of about 20 of the records handy before you phone me, as I will ask what sort of music is in your collection in order to ascertain if it’s the kind of stuff I’m after. Or you can email me brief sample list of your records.

Tel: 0117 9078995

Email: [email protected]

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