Plant a tree at St Andrews Park

Join TreeBristol on Wednesday 13th March 2013 at St Andrews Park. Everyone is welcome to join in this community planting event. Trees will start to be planted from 10am to approx 2pm. Please wear weatherproof clothing and sturdy footwear.

This event is organised by TreeBristol. Their aim is to plant a new generation of trees across Bristol. This will bring immediate benefits to people who live and work in Bristol and leave a legacy for future generations. TreeBristol aims to increase tree canopy cover to 30% by planting in Bristol’s parks, open spaces, grass verges and streets. They replace lost street trees and also plant in new sites across Bristol in greatest need of more trees. The TreeBristol team carries out responsible tree planting with the right tree in the right place.

Since the TreeBristol launch in 2005, the council has planted around 3,800 trees, many with the help of local communities and other partners. They plant trees that are usually already 3-4 metres tall, larger trees create immediate visual and environmental impact and greater resistance to vandalism. They plant a wide range of trees and their selection of species depends upon space available, other trees in the area and the local landscape and character.

I am very much looking forward to the planting day in St Andrews Park as my mother and I have sponsored a Purple Leaf Plum in memory of my dear dad that both loved trees and the outdoors. Before his MS struck him hard he was a carpenter by trade so had a real passion for wood.

If you would like to sponsor a tree in remembrance or as a fantastic gift then there is sponsorship packages suit every budget and range from £20 to £330. For detailed information on our sponsorship packages and planting locations please visit the tree sponsorship page.

For further information on any of the above please visit , Tel: 0117 352 5638 or email: [email protected]

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