New Noticeboards at St Andrews Park!

New Noticeboards in St Andrews Park

January marked the arrival of the first two informative notice boards and the excellent finger post in St Andrews Park. Friend of St Andrews Park Martin Weitz (pictured right) with the help of a committed team has worked for several months to ensure funding was secured to purchase the boards and the information and presentation was correct.

When I met with Martin recently he told me how delighted he was to finally see the actual boards installed after months of looking at them on paper as the designs evolved. He said it had been a great group effort and the work was still going on with the design of the next boards, that are in the process of being created. The current boards in place are dedicated to the history of the park in general and the moving story of the World War Two Wellington Bomber. There is also a map of the green space informing you of where you are and detailing all the facilities along with the basic rules of the park set in place to help keep it in excellent condition for all to enjoy.

There are a further four notice boards still?to arrive, three of these will be devoted to informing visitors of the wealth of wildlife to be found in the park with a board for Trees, Wildlife and Birds, the final board is for the Children and promises to be a colourful, fun display to engage them.

Whilst in the park I witnessed several people studying the boards and I when I spoke with some of them they all agreed they made an excellent addition to our local green space and helped install further pride in this wonderful resource.

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