"New Employer Welcomes my Bipolar!"

Sarah Defrates’s life has been turned around, thanks to a local business.

In January 2011, whilst employed as a receptionist, Sarah was diagnosed with Bipolar. Sadly, even though they were aware of her mental condition, Sarah was subjected to name-calling and adding insult to injury, Sarah was unfairly dismissed at the beginning of 2012.

‘I might have won my court case for unfair dismissal and discrimination, but it has knocked the stuffing out of me and I have lost any confidence I had!’

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Two years later, with the help of intensive psychotherapy and daily support from her friends and family, Sarah has eventually rebuilt her life.

Scared of being bullied and convinced that she would never find work again due to her Bipolar, Sarah was overjoyed when she was recently offered a job.

Westbury Inks had been thinking of getting someone to help them to market their four branches, when along came Sarah.  After a few initial meetings, Sarah was offered a part-time job, as their Marketing Manager, based at 342 Gloucester Road.  Tuesday 1st April was a very exciting day for Sarah, as she started her new role, but at the same time nervous hoping that she will be successful.

‘Stuart has been amazing, I told him straight away about my Bipolar and his reaction shocked me. Not only has he been so supportive and understanding about my mental condition, but I also believe that he can see how my ‘creative mind’ could be of benefit to his business. It feels wonderful to be accepted for being me!’

Stuart Willams is a Director of Westbury Inks, which supplies ink cartridges, toners and printing services to the Bristol area.  www.westburyinks.co.uk

Sarah is also writing a book about her experiences of living with Bipolar, which is due to be published soon. To join her mailing list to receive advance notification of her book release, please visit www.sarahdefrates.com

Sarah has spoken openly about her Bipolar, on BBC Radio 5 Live, World Bipolar Day, 30th March 2014. She also appeared on ITV news, BBC Radio Bristol and in the Bristol Evening Post on World Mental Health day, October 10th 2012.

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