New draft electoral boundaries for Bristol City Council, have your say

People in Bristol are invited to have their say on proposed changes to the boundaries of Bristol City Council’s electoral wards.

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) has drafted plans to change the current boundaries following a period of public consultation.

It is the second stage of an electoral review aiming to balance the number of citizens that each city councillor represents by adjusting the current ward boundaries.

They will also aim to ensure that the pattern of wards reflects the interests and identities of local communities as well as promoting effective local government.

A public consultation by the LGBCE will run between 9 December 2014 and 15 February with citizens asked to provide their feedback on the proposals.

Yvonne Dawes, Democratic and Statutory Services Manager said: “I encourage all of our citizens to provide their feedback on these draft changes to the ward boundaries in the city.

“The Boundary Commission is aiming to make sure the electorate are best-served by the right number of local councillors proportionate to the number of people they serve, and that wards accurately reflect where communities are located in what is a very important move for the city.

“It is an independent process carried out by the Commission which reports directly to Parliament.”

“Different areas of Bristol enjoy unique and special characteristics and it is very important that all feedback is shared with the Boundary Commission before any changes are introduced.”

The full recommendations and detailed interactive maps are available on the Commission’s website at and

Further information on the proposed new boundaries will also be available to view at council buildings and libraries.

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