Mirror, mirror on the wall, is this the fairest Kelvin play of all?


Think you know Snow White? Think again.


Howard Barker’s dark fairytale, ‘Knowledge and a Girl (The Snow White Case)’ comes to Kelvin Players Studio Theatre this April. An intriguing twist on a familiar tale, it looks at the Snow White story through the eyes of the wicked Queen; a childless melancholic whose pain is justification for her cruelty.


All the familiar characters are there: Snow White, the wicked Queen, a magic mirror, Prince Charming, but they are presented in a whole new light. The absence of the King from the old tale is remedied in this fascinating study of marital sexuality.


Director Sam Grayston has worked with the cast to create a production that explores what happens when relationships are pushed to their limits and beyond. He said:


“If you’re the kind of person who loves to look at familiar stories from a different point of view, or enjoys the idea of a dark fairytale, then this is the production for you!


“This is a fascinating, punchy script with extraordinary characters and a fabulous cast. Everyone’s worked really hard to bring you a production that will send chills down your spine for all the right reasons and some of the wrong reasons. While you might not know the play, you certainly know the story – well, a version of it!”


At times hilarious, at times cruel, this is a fairytale like no other. We’re not sure who will live happily ever after…


Knowledge and a Girl (The Snow White Case)’ will be performed 24-28 April 2018 at 7.30pm at Kelvin Players Studio Theatre at 253b Gloucester Road, Bristol. Tickets are £12 (£10 concessions), available from www.kelvinplayers.co.uk


Not suitable for under 16s

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