MakeyourhomeEco – Free Taster session for home energy saving course

Residents in an around Bishopston and Redland are being invited to sign up now for a free taster workshop session on May 9th, which promises to get them started on cutting energy bills, saving money and energy and making their homes fit for the future. 

The session is being held at The Presbytery, St Bonaventures, Egerton Rd, Bishopston. All are welcome and it runs from 6.30 to 9pm. Please email  to register for a place.

The workshop will include helpful ideas and show them how taking part in a forthcoming Sustainable Bishopston course for local residents can help everyone, whether owner or tenant, to save energy, money and carbon in keeping with their priorities, lifestyle, means and values.

*Monday 9th May* is the date for a free taster session offered by MakeyourhomeEco, a local learning initiative that’s supporting Bristol residents to make their homes more energy efficient to save money and carbon.

The session will cover:

  • how can I benefit
  • what’s involved
  • what will I learn
  • meet the tutors
  • meet other interested people in the neighbourhood
  • pick up course details and book a place

It wil be informal, interactive and a good way to find out what you want to know about the course.

The 6 week course
This will start the following week and runs from Monday 16th May to Monday 20th June. It’s tailored to the local area and helps demystify information and jargon so you can learn, step by step, with others, how to take control of energy at home, while finding grants and advice that can help.

Previous participants have saved energy, money and carbon and gained confidence talking to architects and installers to get solutions that meet their needs. 

Martin from MakeyourhomeEco said: “We know getting work done on your house is daunting. This course really helps people work out their priorities and start with free and low cost, simple changes that show savings immediately, while giving them the confidence to tackle bigger projects if they want to. It’s a helpful way to prepare for discussions with architects or builders so you know what you want and understand how best to improve your house for the future.”

Places will be available for up to 20 people on the full course, with reduced rate of £40 for older people, thanks to the Neighbourhood Partnership, and some concessions for those on low income (usual adult education criteria) of £60, and all other places at £85.

How everyone can benefit: Paticipants will learn how to apply no-cost and low cost ways to save energy and money, and plan projects that suit their budget, values and lifestyle to make homes fit for the future.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to reserve a place.
Martin Fodor & Maddy Longhurst –

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