Make Sundays Special!

Bristol’s Mayor George Ferguson is Making Sundays Special from 23rd June. He is closing city centre streets to motor traffic and is calling for community groups, activity leaders, artists and street performers to come and enjoy the space. Initially, just once a month over the summer period, though once successful it is aimed to extend it. The idea builds on the success of similar schemes in Bordeaux and Bogota, but with a very special Bristol flavour.

The full list of events:

  • 23 June
  • 21 July
  • 18 August
  • 29 September
  • 20 October

The streets closed include all those in the Old City area, Baldwin Street and King Street.

The first event coincides with Bristol’s Big Green Week, when in addition to the road closures on the map, Park Street will also be closed to traffic.

George Ferguson said: “I want to see a city centre that is buzzing with life and activity. I’ve seen it working in our twin city of Bordeaux on the first Sunday of every month, and in Bogota, Columbia they transform the street every weekend.

Bristol City Centre was designed to be enjoyed. With traffic-free streets and plenty of activity, it will open up a world of new possibilities for creative, active and organised groups and others to get out in the fresh air and show us what they can do.

“Let’s have dance groups, fitness camps, Tai Chi, puppet shows, street games, hula hoopers, on-street basketball, street theatre, local history tour guides, judo demonstrations, comedy acts, plug in and play, choirs, stilt walkers, circus and everything in between. If you run a club bring your members down to join in the fun and maybe enlist some new recruits. Come and make it a success so that we can do more and open the door to making every Sunday special.

“I want to see entrepreneurial activity too, with the market traders and stalls providing an inspiring choice of Bristol products, and of course wodges of Bristol Pounds changing hands and helping the Bristol economy. Small traders (and big ones too) should open an account to trade with them at the Bristol Pounds website.

“This isn’t closing roads, it’s opening them to people!”

The whole of the Old City area will be host to a wide variety of markets coordinated by the team at St Nicks. And an urban loop will be sign-posted for people to run, cycle, jog, skate, stroll, board or even unicycle and generally enjoy as they circumnavigate the city safe from car traffic.

Bristol is your city so if you are in a group or club, are an individual or artist who could bring an activity along, get in touch. Bristol City Council is working with groups to make safe and Special Sundays for all. Please send details of what you would do and any help you would need by email to [email protected]. Before 5pm Tuesday 7th May or call Esther on 0117 922 3538 or Claire Teasdale on 0117 922 4665.

If your idea involves selling food or drink commercially, contact [email protected]

For more information about Bristol Pounds visit:

Telephone: 0117 929 8642 or email [email protected]
To open an account, businesses should visit:

All city car parks will be accessible although not necessarily by a route that one would ordinarily use due to some street closures. On street parking will be free as usual on a Sunday although it will be suspended on the closed roads.

Public transport is largely unaffected save for limited bus detours with Baldwin Street closed.

For more information visit:

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