In recognition of hard working, resilient Year 11s at Redmaids’ High

Redmaids’ High Year 11 students – and Year 11 students from across the country – today received their GCSE results, after spending a long five months away from school due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The new Head of Redmaids’ High, Paul Dwyer, who will be leading the School from this September said, “So much has been asked of this group of students in recent months, and we are delighted to be able to celebrate their successes at GCSE level. I know that many students were disappointed that the chance to prove themselves in examinations was taken away, but we are really pleased that their efforts have still been appropriately recognised and rewarded. I am so excited to be working with this year group as my first Sixth Form cohort and look forward to seeing the even greater heights they will go on to reach.”

Over the last few days there have been additional changes from the government, with the centre-assessed grades forming the basis for qualifications being awarded. Mr Dwyer comments that, “this change has been for the best, given that teachers know their students’ and their abilities so well.”

He adds, “The focus at Redmaids’ High has always been on ensuring a strong bond between students and teachers, and I am pleased that this understanding has formed the basis of the grades that the girls will receive.”

Isabel Tobias, who leaves the school this summer after 19 years as Headmistress is also proud of what these students have accomplished. She says, “The last few months in education have asked a great deal of students and teachers here and across the world, and we have been incredibly impressed with the manner and determination with which our girls here at Redmaids’ High School have responded.

“Today, we celebrate with our Year 11 group as they receive their GCSE results. These are the result of their hard work throughout their time here, and a testament to their resilience and ability to cope with challenge far beyond what we might have imagined this time last year.”

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