How to effectively show a prospective purchaser round your home

Alexander-May-Radio-2Here at Alexander May estate agents we do try to handle as many viewing appointments on behalf of our clients as we possibly can, whether in Bishopston, Clifton or Long Ashton. However there will be occasions where we will physically be unable to show a prospective buyer round your home, and if they are keen to see it, it is better to ask you, the vendor, to show them round than put them off and risk losing them. Now one of the reasons we have found clients reluctant to show prospective buyers round their home is not because they dislike people, but simply it is a case of not really knowing what to say.

For us at Alexander May it is easy as we do it every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, but for you it can be totally foreign territory. As a result, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a few inside tips on how best to show someone round your property so that you can do it with confidence if and when required:

  • You and your home are not on trial so don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable. While it is an intrusion and to a degree it may feel like an invasion of your privacy, ultimately you want to be as welcoming as possible.
  • Go with the flow of the layout, but save the best bits on each floor to the end.
  • Let people enter a room ahead of you as that way you won’t be taking up space. Remain to the side of them, not in front as it is not you who is on show.
  • Only point out the major assets of a room, like an open fire, a nice outlook or how sunny it is. If there is nothing of great interest, then don’t try and oversell a room.
  • Without prying too much, find out if they have children and talk about local schools if they do, or mention about how good local facilities are – nice shops and friendly community, etc.
  • If you can, establish which element of your home the people viewing it like the most. Once you have been round the property with them go back to that place and have a brief chat with them. Then suggest they may like to wander round on their own while you make a cup of tea or coffee. Meet back at the part of the property they like the most engage with them and ask them if they have any questions they would like answers to. This way their longer lasting memory of your property will be of the best part!

On a final and honest note, don’t get too excited if people viewing your home make nothing but glowing comments and say “We’ll be in touch with your agents tomorrow”. People never want to hurt our feelings and they would rather leave you with a false impression they like your home than tell you honestly that the rooms are too small or they don’t like the size of the garden. Quite simply, many people are afraid of causing offense.

However as we have said, at Alexander May we will do our utmost to show prospective buyers round your home, and if it is not yet on the market, or you are not getting the interest in it you feel it deserves, please do give us a call and we will be very happy to come out and let you know how we can help you sell your home.

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