Home Start Bristol seeking new volunteers

Local charity Home-Start Bristol is looking forward to helping even more families in the Bristol area as it has been awarded £145,000 by the Big Lottery to support families with young children. This 5 year grant will fund a new project called ‘Families on the Edge’ focussing on the areas bordering Bristol and South Gloucestershire. The charity, which trains volunteers to provide this vital service, sees the new grant as a great endorsement of their existing work.  A previous grant from Big Lottery already funds work in the City of Bristol.

Home-Start’s work has been a lifeline for many. As many studies suggest, the early years of a child’s life are crucially important which is why Home-Start Bristol focuses on working with young children and their families in these formative years. The charity’s network of volunteer parents and grandparents give 2-3 hours a week to support and offer friendship to families so that children have a much better chance of reaching their potential in later life.

One of the fathers helped by a Home-Start Bristol volunteer said: ‘Having our volunteer come into our home was very important. Although it was only for a short period of time, it was perfect timing. When I was physically strained, emotionally drained – you guys were there! When my wife is fully recovered I hope someday I can do the same and give something back. Thank you so much!’

Another parent said, ‘The support came when I needed it most and it did help a lot…our volunteer was an amazing person, very friendly and helpful. It was a cordial relationship. She was approachable and easy going, not a stranger.’

Home-Start Bristol is now recruiting new volunteers to enable them to begin the new project in April 2015 and continue to help families in all parts of Bristol.

There are great rewards to be reaped from volunteering – training, the chance to meet new people and, above all, the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a difference. As one volunteer said, ‘Volunteering makes me feel valued.’

For more information about becoming a volunteer please phone 01179 501170 or visit our web site: www.homestartbristol.org.uk

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