Felting Fun at Brunel Field School!

The reception class at Brunel Field School enjoyed a fantastic felting workshop last week. Each child learnt to felt and they created a brilliant farm yard inspired collage.

Reception’s topic this term has been about Ground , Air and Water and they recently made a school trip to  Lower Stock Farm , the felting workshop was a reminder of what fun they had on their day out at the farm and what they learnt.

It was a mum of the reception class who ran a similar workshop at Paintworks recently and thought the kids would love it. The felting workshop was run by Natasha Tbealeh and Helen Houston from Uncanny Creations http://uncannycreations.co.uk/

I think you’ll agree the combined effort produced the most wonderful final design that they all should be very proud of. Thank you Brunel Field for sharing your learning with us, we look forward to seeing some more next term.

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