Ever wondered about Car Club Bristol?

dog and family credit Chris BahnEver wondered what the Car Club bay along the street from you is all about? Bristol’s
car club network is expanding with three operators, City Car Club, Co-wheels and Zipcar working with Bristol City Council to offer more choice in the local area.

Car clubs mean you can book a car on-line for as little as an hour at a time and only pay for the fuel you use, leaving the operator to take care of maintenance and everything else.

Amy decided to become a City Car Club member ‘As we are a young family we didn’t want to commit to the problems and expense of a second car so chose instead to join the car club.  It gives me a sense of satisfaction that we are also doing our bit for the environment.’

Whether it’s for an hour, or a day, using a Car Club vehicle is the perfect short trip solution, helping you to deal with the bulky shopping at the weekend, visit family, or take a trip into the countryside.

Enter your postcode into the Carplus map at www.travelwest.info/car-clubs to find the nearest Car Club bay to you and for operator details.

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