Enjoying the Fruits of our Labour!

Ian Baker of Sustainable Bishopston

A few months ago I was contacted by Ian Baker of Sustainable Bishopston with an article encouraging people not to waste the fruits found on many trees situated in the gardens of our local area.
Ian told us volunteers would be happy to come, pick and re home the valuable fruit. There are several projects elsewhere for harvesting this unwanted bounty and putting it to good use. A sample survey done by Sustainable Bishopston last year confirmed the potential to replicate locally.
I was recently contacted once again by Graham Starmer of Sustainable Bishopston who was delighted to report that many BM readers had been in touch.
Graham told us… Responses came from as far afield as Stoke Bishop and the Lockleaze borders! Ian assisted by myself, and on a couple of occasions Rupert and my wife Jen, picked large quantities of apples, some pears and a few quinces. These were delivered by barrow, bin and box to Egerton Road for cider making.
A garden in Horfield yielded some magnificent Howgate Wonder apples (British record 3lb 4oz) and some equally gargantuan pears. Berkeley Road revealed a 1970?s Golden Wonder that tasted nothing like the supermarket version today, some fine Bramleys, as well as quinces that have been turned into both jelly and Membrillo.
If you are interested in developing this idea and/or being a future fruit collector further please get in touch by e-mailing us at – fruit@sustainablebishopston.org.uk

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