"Effortlessly Green": An Article by Alex Newick from Green Woods Furniture

GWF SHOPFRONTHere is an article by local man Alex Newick who works at Green Woods Furniture, a business renowned for its Green business ethos. Alex hopes to inspire other local businesses to take on such an ethos through his writing.

“Effortlessly Green”

On my first day working for Green Woods Furniture I absent-mindedly went to put some cardboard in the bin, “stop!” Simon (the owner) shouted from the other room, “recycle it you Muppet!” said with a grin on his face.

This was the beginning of a great deal of respect for the way this business is run. In Bristol where being as ‘green’ as possible is such a prevalent topic, not many businesses can say they hold a candle to Green Woods Furniture. In an age where we hear the terms ‘organic’, ‘responsibly sourced’ and ‘ethical’ being thrown around, Simon sees these things as necessities, not as marketing terms or selling points.
The shop itself even runs on ‘green energy’, a decision which took no second thoughts for owner Simon Bennett. It is not often that you come across a business that is as inherently (and more importantly, effortlessly) green. Working with the Forest Of Avon Trust to ensure the maintenance and growth of the woodlands, every customer spending over £500 has a tree dedicated to them in the FOA. With a shop full of reclaimed and responsibly sourced furniture, all from UK independent makers it really is hard to fault how ethical the shop really is.

I decided to write this article not as a shining advert for the business but instead to inspire other businesses around the country to take that first step into the world of sustainability and ethical business. It really is possible to make a difference in our impact on the planet and Green Woods Furniture really is raising the bar.

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